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Hello Gorgeous...
Fancy Venetian Mirror in Bedroom


There is just something about soft pink that I just adore! It's the perfect backdrop for this elaborate Venetian! Who could have a bad day when you wake up to this every morning...

Venetain in the Garden
outdoor Venetian Mirror in the garden


What a perfect way to dress up your outdoor space. This Venetian Mirror will just get more beautiful as it ages and gets that gorgeous patina!

Venetain Mirror, bathtub


Yes, please!!! This tub is calling my name! And I am loving the femininity of this mirror against the raw material of the walls, not to mention all that natural light?! I could get used to this!

Love the Details
Venetian Mirror hydrangeas


I just love all the details on this one! How perfect for a beautiful entryway, especially with that gorgeous arrangement of Hydrangeas!

Simply Beautiful...
Venetian glass mirror


I am absolutely in Love with Venetian Mirrors...The classic elegance, the wonderfully chic & feminine charm...If I were to ever become a hoarder, I think I would choose Venetian Mirrors...!

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